HHH700 Cannabis flower Harvester
The latest model can be operated by just one person, suitable for harvesting in the field, stationary or even 4 row hoop houses.
replacing up to 30 people in the field 

HHH Harvester info image.jpg

Wolf Creek Works will manufacture an all stainless steel HHH700 for 2022 improving on the 

previous models.

our customers reported enormous labour savings with better quality flower and higher potency when harvested with the HHH700.


Why the HHH700



Providing rental, leasing and sales options of high end certified processing equipment.

With the high cost of labor, tighten supply of seasonal workers, coupled with compression in the price of Cannabis it critical to mechanise now to maintain profitability.

The HHH700 can replace up to 30 people in the field focusing all efforts on one area, no more workers wandering around the field.

The new 2022 model can run successfully in the field with just 1 operative.

Exclusive Licence holder for the manufacturing and sale of the HHH Hemp Harvester 700

in the USA and Canada.

All stainless construction.

ability to harvest up to 1200kg per day

one person operation.


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HHH Harvester info image.jpg